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Breathtaking view

Located in Melitsachas, on a slope facing Telendos island, Gestema Luxury Residences offer you a quiet, picture-postcard view and promise you an unforgettable stay. Their particular location allows guests to enjoy total privacy and seclusion while being just a few minutes away from some of the most popular beaches of Kalymnos. Enjoy the harmonious surrounding, allow not a single sunset to go unnoticed and let the sky speak in a thousand colors.

Swimming pool

An amenity that will certainly captivate you is the private outdoor swimming pool. Occupying a prime spot on the island, Gestema Luxury Residences offer one of the best sunset views, which guests can enjoy from the comfort of their own private pool. Witness the breathtakingly silent spectacle and find yourself somewhere between heaven and earth feeling absolutely rejuvenated.

Make yourself at home experience

Gestema Lux Residences provide visitors with cozy and comfortable facilities creating the perfect balance of discreet luxury. Thus, guests can enjoy the inspiring setting, while soaking up the sunshine and feel revitalized away from any kind of intrusion. As for those who consider the kitchen, in particular, a priority, we do our best to make our guests feel special and appreciated offering them an at-home experience with all the necessary equipment and honoring the tradition of Greek ‘philoxenia’ which means to welcome a visitor with warmth and respect.

OUR Residences

Situated on Kalymnos’ captivating west side, right across Telendos Island and about 8 kilometers from the capital named Pothia, Gestema Luxury Residences are to sweep you off your feet in no time! Brand new with all modern comforts, they provide guests with a true getaway from the daily routine of urban life plus the idyllic scenery guarantees a restful and refreshing stay. At close distance, you will find three of the best beaches of the island, the quiet bay of Melitsachas, Myrties pebbled beach and Platys Gialos dark sand beach. As for shopping and nightlife lovers, one can enjoy both in just a 10-minute drive to either the coastal area of Masouri or Linaria.

Last but not least, we take an extra point for alternative tourism and the easy accessibility for some world renowned climbing routes, such as Grande Grotta, encouraging you to engage in “active tourism” while enjoying the natural beauties of Kalymnos.

An unforgettable stay!

Book your stay at our residences and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience. Our residence complex offers excellent accommodations and services, perfect for business and leisure travelers alike. Our convenient location allows easy access to all the best Kalymnos has to offer. Book now your next stay in Kalymnos.

Our staff are typically knowledgeable about the area and can provide recommendations for things to do and see. 


Our residences are the perfect place to stay for a relaxing and comfortable getaway. Each residence includes 3 bedrooms, a living room and kitchen, as well as a private balcony and pool. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your stay. Plus, our residences come equipped with all the amenities

What's nearby?

There are plenty of things to do near our residences. 


No need to leave your room to enjoy the most amazing view Kalymnos has to offer. Enjoy the magnificent sunset of Telendos right from the patio of your residence.

Dinning out

Looking for a place to eat or have drink? Not a problem! Our residences are surrounded by Elies square, Myrties Village, Melitsachas village and Masouri.There are plenty of restaurants and bars for all tastes in the nearby area for you to choose.


Are you a climbing lover? The residences are very close to Ourania and Symplegades Rocks a must visit Crag for every climber. Furthermore all crags of Masouri and Armeos area are just a 5 minute drive by car or bike..


Due to our excellent location the best beaches of Kalymnos are very easy accessible, all within just a 5 minute drive. Explore the sandy or with pebbly beaches of Kantouni, Platy Gialos, Melitsahas, Myrties and Masouri.